. I’m really enjoying my MoneleN Brush Pens! @inspiringjournals

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I’m really enjoying my MoneleN Brush Pens! @inspiringjournals

• Kia Marie Hunt 
• United Kingdom
• 23 y.o.
• Content Creator and Manager
• @aspiretoamble
• @inspiringjournals

 I’m really enjoying my Dual Tip Brush Pens so far, they are great for illustration as they are smooth and the colours available are lovely. I usually outline in black fineliner, but since these brush pens all have a fineliner tip at one end, I’ve been enjoying outlining in colours, it has a completely different effect!

These are water based pens so they don’t smell and don’t bleed through the paper much which is great. The only thing I’d suggest is to make sure to leave time between using one colour on top of the other as they can bleed a little into each other if not dry. Overall though, these pens are really great!