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About Us

MoneleN is a family business, driven by a mother and her teenage daughter. Our brand's mission is to enable people to discover and develop new horizons of their creative potential by using our product. By helping others we help ourselves!

Owner, Curator, Customer Service 
Assistant, Designer

Our first product is a set of water-based 36 dual brush markers. It is offered at an affordable price, a true benefit for the consumer and is more practical compared to similar offers of the competitors. Each color is unique, vivid and was chosen one by one, no duplicate. 

For creative ambitiously-minded young people there is a great opportunity to find the followers on Instagram - buy  MoneleN markers, create a post, tag @monelenpens and we will post your art in our stories, @monelenpens are more than 30,000 active creative subscribers who create themselves and are interested in the work of others! Be one of us, discover your talent!

Thank you for supporting our family owned and operated business!