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  • Do these bleed through paper?

- The markers will bleed through if the paper is too thin. Please, use a denser paper to avoid bleeding to back. But in case, you can put an extra sheet of paper between your coloring sheets and that works nicely to prevent any bleed thru.  

  • For writing on a school notebook, do these markers bleed through?

- No, they will just bleed through if you remark to many times in the same place.


  • Are these paint pens or just markers?

- Those are Dual Brush Marker Pens, not paint markers. Brush tip good for lettering, drawing, illustration; creates bold, medium, fine strokes. Fine Point tip ideal for precise lines and outlining; perfect for adding colourful details, writing, journaling. 

  • Are these coloring markers recommended for the beginners?

- Yes, they are really easy to use. 

  • Are these felt tip?

- Yes, the fine tip side is fine felt tip. 

  • Can you use these for adult coloring books?

- I use them for Johanna Basford book, but  have to say as the pictures are printed double-sided you shouldn’t press down tips hard and the brush tip has more heavy ink then fine tip, so use it lighter.

If the paper of coloring book is thin not recommend to use. 

  • What country is this product made/manufactured?

- Made in China, with love! 

  • Can these be used for a bullet journal?

- Yes, those have dual tips and the fine tip is ok for the bullet journal. Also, our dual pens good for lettering, school planner, note sketchbook, calendar, den journal, journal lines, bible notes etc. 

  • Are these markers non-toxic?

- Yes, they are. 

  • Is this marker alcohol based or water based?

- These markers are water based. 

  • I am looking for brush markers that are similar to Copics and that are cheap. Do these blend very well?

- They are good blend, recommend. 

  • What kind of markers is better for shading and blending, water based or alcohol based?

- To give you a real answer to the question, it all comes down to preference as to which is better. Each has there cons and pros. If you are a beginner with markers I would suggest the water based markers. They are easier to blend and after they dry you can use a brush with water to layer more color or even out your blends. With alcohol markers once dry you have to add more color or use a blender marker which often change the color of your inks.

 Get both and experiment is the best way to know what works for you. Our set of 36 Brush Markers is water based.

  • Can you mix the colors like with the Tombow pens?

- Yes, they are very mixable.

  • Are they acid free?

- Yes, those dual marker pens are acid free.

  • Are these suitable for children to use?

- Yes, our pens have both brush and fine tip. Perfect coloring pens for kid.

  • Are there many duplicate colors?

- Those are 36 unique dual pens, no duplicated. 

  • How smooth they are compared to Tombow Dual Brush Pens?

- Our Dual Markers would write smoothly as it has soft brush tip and fiber metal fine tip.

  • How well do these work for calligraphy?

- They work well, if you are starting with practice they are great.

  • How lightfast and permanent these are?

- They are water based, they are not permanent, the colors last long enough.

  • Can I paint in wood?

- These are dual tip markers: brush and fine point. They are designed for lettering, coloring, drawing, blending, shading, design, details, mandalas, manga, bible, journaling etc. Drawing on wood is not included in that list.

  • Can they be used as watercolors?

- Yes, they are watercolor markers